@WesleyBackelant and I spoke at the first edition of BigData-expo.be on AI and some of it’s Ethical challenges, as well as the Microsoft AI platform.

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Ethics & AI

Some very good books on the ethical challenges of Big Data and AI, are:

Seeing AI

More on the Seeing AI page, you can also download the iOS app.

AI for Workplace safety

It was originally presented on the keynote of Build 2017.

Intelligent Kiosk

The Intelligent Kiosk can be found at the Windows Store and is open-source. It leverages the Microsoft Cognitive Services.

Realtime Crowd Insights on the Intelligent Kiosk app.

There is a very nice blog post by Rich Maines, on Facial recognition and the Intelligent Kiosk.

Tweakers.net Interview

An interview on AI and Ethics with @WesleyBackelant and me was published at tweakers.net.